Rebel Pepper Cartoons

Rebel Pepper2The pen name “Perverted Pepper” is a cartoonist from mainland China who is famous for his anti-communist sarcastic comics. He was repeatedly persecuted by the government for defying Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party. In May 2014, Wang Liming was forced to stay in Japan during his travels to Japan because he was threatened by the official media “People’s Daily.” Mainland China deleted his social media account because he wanted to cut off Wang Liming’s relationship with his fans. He claims that conversations with relatives and friends are always monitored. He also gradually secluded from the world because he had lived alone in exile for a long time, and was in economic difficulties. However, he did not give up ridiculing the Communist Party with his satirical manga.

Wang Liming, better known under the pseudonym Rebel Pepper, is one of China’s most notorious political cartoonists. For satirising Chinese Premier Xi Jinping and lampooning the ruling party, Rebel Pepper has been repeatedly persecuted. In 2014, he was forced to remain in Japan. ,, where he was on holiday, after serious threats against him were posted on government-sanctioned forums. The Chinese state has since disconnected him from his fan base by runs deleted his social media accounts, he alleges his conversations with friends and family are under state Surveillance, and self-imposed exile has made him isolated, bringing significant financial struggles. Nonetheless, Rebel Pepper keeps drawing, ferociously criticising the Chinese regime.

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